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2 Hours River Tour: (1-6 people) $250
4 Hour River Tour: (1-6 people) $450

Backwater Guide Service offers a ( 2 hour or 4 hour) sightseeing trip on the beautiful Apalachicola River and some of its many backwaters. It is there you most likely to encounter alligators sunning on the banks of the marshlands. Eagles, ospreys and swallow tail kites soaring high above or nesting. Other such wildlife like deer, hogs, raccoons, turtles ,otters ,ducks and much more. Cypress and tupelo trees shading the river’s edge and the sound of peace and serenity in the air. Hear the history and many stories from the captain what it’s like growing up on the Apalachicola River. It’s a trip that will just have you kicking back, relaxing, enjoying what nature has to offer.

Ice chest/ice included You bring your favorite beverages, snacks, most of all your CAMERA !!!